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We Create Delicious Memories

Lukiskan kenangan indahmu dengan menikmati cita rasa khas cokelat asli Bali “Baline Chocolate”

The Unique Taste Of Chocolate

Rasakan dan nikmati cita rasa cokelat yang memikat“Baline Chocolate”

Delicious Chocolate

Kelezatan dan Kelembutan tanpa batas "Baline Chocolate"

Pleasure and Taste in One Place

Terciptanya rasa cokelat asli Bali dengan kelembutan dan kelezatan tiada tara.



Bali Coconut


Front Page

Our Story

Our Co-Founder of Baline Chocolate – I Ketut Widana started this business on February 5th 2007  after studying about chocolate for more than 3 years in Jakarta. He was inspired to develop this business after meeting one of chocolate expertise in Bali.

Started with simple method all by hand then developed with more innovative approaches resulted more choices of chocolate flavors under Magic Chocolate brand such as Candlenut, Ginger and Dates. We also developed more variants in packaging as can been seen in Tourist Pack and also Customized Packs.

And along the years we improve our quality and change the brand into Baline Chocolate which means “Coklat Asli Bali” in order to emphasize the real chocolate of Bali as our main source of raw chocolate.

Baline Chocolate can be found in most of Modern Stores in Bali and some other cities in Indonesia, Airport and Souvenir Stores. We also started to do export in some countries in Asia and China.

At the beginning of Baline Chocolate, we provided opportunity to Orphanage near the factory as our employee, then they become our family as we also support their education until university. Some of them are now still worki with us and play  significant role to the successful of the company. And we will continue to live this value as we want to contribute to the society.

With the mission to be “local products which go international” we will continue improving our quality and innovations together with the employee as well as the farmers.

Our Products

Varian Cokelat dari Baline Chocolate

50 gr - Hot Chili Chocolate

50g - Dark 55% Cocoa

100 gr - White Chocolate

50 gr - Macadamie Milk Chcolotae

100 gr - Dark Chcocolate

100gr - Dark Chocolate sugar Free

50 gr - Orange Chocolate

100 gr - Kopi Luwak Dark Chocolate

50 gr - White Chocolate

100 gr - Milk Chocolate Kopi Luwak